Kolab is now an iso 14001 certified company

KOLAB IS NOW AN ISO 14001 CERTIFIED COMPANY 21 July 2021 Kolab Ensayos now has an ISO 14001 environmental certification, which officially endorses it as an environmentally friendly company. After a lengthy process involving waste disposal improvements, resource optimisation and adaptation of its Integrated Resource Management System, Kolab has obtained an  ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Certification. For … Read more

Calibration or testing?

CALIBRATION OR TESTING? 30 December 2020 “Calibration” and “Test” are two terms most of us have heard at some stage. We tend to associate these two words with the notion of verification, precision, compliance, reliability… But exactly what does each term mean and how do they apply to the products and equipment we work with? … Read more