We carry out annual inspections and re-certification of MSA Wingrip fall protection systems used for aircraft construction and maintenance

Repair of MSA Wingrip Systems

Another of the services we provide is the maintenance, recertification ad repair of Wingrip provisional fall protection systems for aircraft construction and maintenance.

During aircraft construction or maintenance, individuals working on the wings or fuselage of an aircraft will in most cases be more than 2m above ground level. This is considered work at height, involving the risk of injuries in the event of a fall.

Wingrip is a temporary fall protection system consisting of individual vacuum anchors (to which we can attach by means of an adjustable-length work positioning rope connected to our full-body harness) or a twin-line system where workers attach by means of a work positioning rope to one of two steel cables supported by a line of vacuum anchors installed on the aircraft wing or fuselage.

Use of two single vacuum anchors to work on engine area

Training delivered by Kolab Ensayos S.L

The workers who install these systems on the aircraft, as well as the users of the systems (maintenance workers) must complete a specific training program designed by the manufacturer.  Kolab Ensayos is the local partner trained and approved by MSA to deliver such training in Spanish-speaking countries. This training, consisting of both classroom and practical sessions, is valid for three years, after which workers must attend refresher training in order to be recertified. All training certificates are issued by MSA itself.

We simplify logistics for our clients by travelling to their facilities to provide these services.

Fall Protection System

In all cases the system prevents the worker from physically reaching the fall hazard (fall restriction capability).  In addition, should a fall occur, the Wingrip Constant Force® system arrests the fall before the worker can reach the ground and cushions the shock by reducing to a bearable level the force exerted on the worker’s body through their harness (fall arrest capability).

All the components of these systems (vacuum modules driven by compressed air or nitrogen, pneumatic hoses, vacuum anchors, steel cables, shuttles, harnesses, work positioning ropes,  Constant Force® energy absorbers) require annual verification (airtightness, condition of anchor sealing rings, proper operation of vacuum module, sound alarm,  service life of textile components including harnesses, energy absorbing lanyards and work positioning ropes, etc.) must be carried out by a qualified technician trained and certified by the manufacturer –MSA–Latchways. All Kolab technicians hold the required qualifications.

Working on the aircraft wing with the Wingrip Twin-Line System

Wingrip also manufactures a compact system known as the Wingrip All in One (AIO), featuring a vacuum module integrated into the vacuum anchor itself. The AIO system includes a small compressed air cylinder complete with regulator (similar to scuba diving pony bottles) requiring annual maintenance (airtightness verification) and hydrostatic testing every 3 years.

We carry out the servicing and recertification of these systems locally, with the manufacturer’s full support and approval, thereby saving the end client the cost of shipping them back to the plant in the UK, and we guarantee that all the procedures followed are those prescribed by the manufacturer and that all replacements are original parts.