At Kolab Ensayos we have the right equipment for jobs involving certain risks

Kolab Ensayos S.L. supplier of PPE and Electrical Safety Equipment

At Kolab Ensayos we are aware of the importance of having the right equipment to carry out work involving certain electrical hazards. We therefore supply most of these types of PPE or electrical protection equipment, whether as replacements for items that failed our tests or as new purchases.

What kinds of PPE and Electrical Safety equipment do we supply?

Kolab Ensayos places the following products at your disposal:

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Rubber glove work

Insulating Rubber Gloves

They are an essential type of PPE for electrical work, and should therefore be kept in perfect condition. We offer you the possibility of replacing any of them failing the test, or of making new glove purchases.

Hot Switch Sticks of different types, sizes and Sticks for different applications

We supply disconnect sticks, and universal sticks for fitting different items including detectors, rescue hooks, etc.

Electrical Protection Equipment

Including stools and mats (which insulate the worker from ground potential so that in the event of an accidental electrical contact, e.g. due to defective rubber gloves, their body would not be a conductive path to ground and the worker would only be subjected to a capacitive charging current) barriers (an insulating barrier physically preventing workers from entering into contact with parts at different potential), etc.

Meters and detectors

These include voltage detectors to verify a system’s de-energised condition, and different kinds of meters. Voltage detectors alert workers, by means of a sound and visual alarm, to the presence of voltage prior to commencing work on a system considered to be de-energised, thus warning the workers of the risk of suffering an electrical shock. By fitting them to the end of an insulated hotstick, they allow workers to check for de-energised conditions from a safe distance. They are available with different voltage ranges, both AC (alternate current) and DC (direct current).

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Voltage detector
Puestas a tierra
Three-phase temporary grounding set

Temporary Grounding Sets

These sets provide personal protection to individuals working on de-energised systems in the event of accidental re-energisation, induced voltages or other causes. They provide a conductive path to ground with lower resistance than the worker’s body, causing most of the fault current to flow through them and not through the worker’s body. Ground cable size varies depending on the system rated voltage.