15 March 2021

Picture of Kolab Ensayos S,L
Kolab Ensayos S,L

Dielectric Testing Service Provider

True to our spirit of providing every possible support to the manufacturer of Wingrip systems (MSA), in January 2021 we delivered training in Bogotá (Colombia). This consisted of a maintenance and recertification course for the Wingrip Twin-Line and Wingrip AIO fall protection systems, followed by a Wingrip Twin-Line and AIO Installer and User Train-the-Trainer course. Given the Covid-related travel restrictions and difficulties faced by MSA’s UK-based international training team, as well as the language barrier, it was decided that the only possible option was to send a Kolab trainer to Colombia.

Among the challenges we had to face was the unavailability of a Wingrip Twin-Line system for practice during the training course (the one sent for such purpose was sent back by the Colombian authorities to avoid contagion risks), together with lockdown and travel restrictions in force during our visit. However, thanks to the resourcefulness and invaluable support of the MSA Colombia Sales team, the project finally came to a successful conclusion.

All participants on the course expressed their satisfaction with the quality of training and the support from Kolab, and MSA’s International Training Department sent Kolab a letter of thanks for doing a good job and for its willingness to undertake the project despite the existing risks and difficulties.

For its part, Kolab broadened its Wingrip international training experience …

… and thanks to the warmth and hospitality of its people, the Kolab trainer included Colombia on his bucket list of countries to visit once the pandemic is over!