24 April 2020

Picture of Kolab Ensayos S,L
Kolab Ensayos S,L

Dielectric Testing Service Provider

As everyone knows all too well, the declaration of a State of Emergency in Spain due to the Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes. Companies and workers now face new and unexpected challenges to pursue their activity despite the current restrictions.

For dielectric testing at our own facilities we have implemented a contingency procedure to ensure the highest protection standards against contagion, including  disinfection, a worker rota to ensure social distancing, and a number of other measures set out in the PDF document that can be downloaded from this website.

However, for on-site testing at client facilities, we face a major difficulty – the unavailability of hotel accommodation for jobs requiring overnight stays due either to the location or the size of the job involved.

We did not want to leave our clients stranded, so we rented a motor-home.

There are obvious drawbacks, such as having to load all our kit through a narrow door – not to speak of the added costs – but we are prepared to go the extra mile to cater to our clients’ needs.